starting new

August 20, 2011 - Leave a Response

i’ve decided to change things up and deleted all of my posts.  it feels like a number of things are changing in my life and even more to come, making it hard to attempt planning things out the way i was.  i will be talking about the now instead, as well as where my life was and why i think the way i do (though that one might be impossible to tackle.) a good part is due to how weak my memory is.

i was back home this summer and got to hangout with one of my closest friends.  we took a trip together once to arizona/california some two years ago and were reminiscing.  by reminiscing, i mean he would tell a story and i’d go “that happened?”

i want to be able to remember these things, the stories that matter (and even the ones that really don’t.)  essentially, this blog would more or less serve as a living memoir… because i’m worth it, bitch.